In Today's Financial era every person want to invest in those sector which are growing. The Share Market is one of them, but there are many ups and downs here. so which stocks to buy and when to buy these question arise in every investor's mind.
Here we have some points which have to be cleared before investing in any stock. 

1. So many factors affect a company's health that it is nearly impossible to construct a formula that will predict success......... So always keen to find these news so that you will know how these fector will affect your investment. It is one thing to assemble data that you can work with. 

2. A lot of information is intangible and cannot be measured. The quantifiable aspects of a company, such as profits, are easy enough to find. But how do you measure the qualitative factors, such as the company's staff, its competitive advantages, its reputation and so on? This combination of tangible and intangible aspects makes picking stocks a highly subjective, even intuitive process. 

3. Because of the human (often irrational) element inherent in the forces that move the stock market, stocks do not always do what you anticipate they'll do. Emotions can change quickly and unpredictably. And unfortunately, when confidence turns into fear, the stock market can be a dangerous place.

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