We have seen a boom in the market last week. On Friday has seen markets fall. Some market analysts believe that the current levels of the market is not much room for growth. Decline in the market for some time can go.

Nifty Tips For Tomorrow

The current Nifty trend suggest that the recent boom in the Indian market has been showing signs of slowing. The Nifty is expected to grow from current levels. Nifty Tips for Monday is, Nifty may go further down to 5035-5050. Investors should stop using the Nifty 5470-5480.

Reliance Will Lead The Market

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries is desperate to regain its old status. Suddenly turned into despair is hope. Yesterday there were those who questioned the future of the company he now expected to rise in the stock of Reliance Industries has been making. Their faith is not without reason. In the last 1 month, Reliance Industries has given a return of nearly 13 per cent. While the index rose 4 per cent.

5 months after the long wait, the stock has also reached over 800 bucks. Investors rely again awakened and new investors willing to put money looking, great - great research firm has been advising the investment. From sources that Reliance Industries should do next.

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