Good news for the beginning of August. Then at the end of August, the market has caught up with the slowness. Many believe that the Fed is idling before the meeting, so many political volatility of the market values ​​are to blame for the decline. But traders and investors seem worried about the market moves. The veteran observers suggest that the market embraced the opportunity to purchase, invest every fall.

Nifty Trend For Today

Nifty current trend suggest that foreign investor's money is to get support from the Indian market. But the market is currently trading seems to be in the range of 5000-5400. Test to select stocks to buy in the market during this time. Sold on the market is the opinion of each bounce. Nifty closer to 5,200 or 5,100 on the decline and shopping advice. Technical Report on Nifty Trend says that August series Nifty expiry may be around 5350. Nifty is expected to remain at current levels, but many can get to see a weak trend in select stocks. IT stocks TCS can see the pressure on.

Stock Tips For Today

The current market situation is advisable to buy defensive stocks. Although some mid-cap stocks, triggering margin calls due to increased selling pressure. But Ranbaxy and close to Rs 1,850 is a good opportunity to invest in SBI. Current level Ranbaxy returns of 60-70 per cent are possible. The SBI is advisable to invest for 12-15 months.

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