The price of silver is moving up and down and all around and a lot of people are wondering why? The price of silver moved from right around $16 in August of 2010 to $50 this month and now back to the low $30 where it seems to stabilizing.

So what’s pushing the moves in silver? Is it that demand from all over the world and new and growing economies is finally catching up to a commodity that hasn’t increased with inflation for the longest time? Is it that large cap hedge funds are finally able to easily trade the metal since it has an ETF available, both short and long?

Reasons for Price Manipulation

A large number of investors have been focusing primarily on the economy rather than the growing dangers of inflation, and that has been part of the reason silver prices have remained somewhat flat and not surged ahead like many projected for 2009, although there's still a lot of time left for that to happen, and has already started to.

To understand the bank's reasons for manipulating prices, start by imagining what would happen in the economy when the real crash happens, which it certainly will. Alternately, consider what would happen if we, the consumer as a whole, were to actually begin saving money.

This is why the large banks alter the silver prices downward every chance they get–they don’t want you to do something sensible, like saving your money.

This is a significant reason why the silver price history is fraught with suppression, and great efforts are taken to continue to suppress pricing. This is also a reason why the levels of derivatives have exploded. 

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